Messaria village

The village of Messaria is at the crossroad of the main streets of the island. That explains the big number of hotels, restaurants and bars, despite the village being far from the sea. A village with great activity whose inhabitants initiated and founded a private ophthalmiatric clinic in the beginning of the century. In Messaria they also produce a lot of wine. Daedalus alleys, picturesque churches, the old socks industry of Markezinis and the Mansion of Argiros are some of the sights. During the last few years the village of Messaria has seen the building of luxury accommodation, the best and biggest supermarket on the island and a variety of speciality shops. Messaria also produces the famous Santorinian wine. The churches of Metamorphosis tou Sotiros and Agia Irini, both built between 1680 and 1700 , are worth visiting, as is the Metropolis church. Seriously damaged by the earthquake the owner’s grandson with the same name used his own funds to restore the mansion, including the furniture inside. Take a pleasant stroll among the shops and when you feel like getting a bite to eat good food and entertainment can be found in the numerous quaint tavernas. The hospitality of its friendly people give one a warm feeling and a promise of an easy hassle free stay.