Oia village

Ia (Oia) is joined with Fira (the Capital) with a 10 km well-paved road. Despite being ruined by the earthquake of 1956 has preserved the beauty of its peculiar architecture.

Many fine jewellery shops, restaurants and bars lie along the town’s main marbled street leading to the castle. From there an escalate road goes to the charming beach of Ammoudi. Different road leads you to Armeni, another beach of Ia.Both beaches are crystal clear and fresh fish is must for all gourmets.

The architecture of Oia is typical Santorinian with houses sunk deep into the volcanic soil, their whitewashed walls and blue domes sparking in the sunlight. The tour in Ia`s paths is a wonderful experience for the visitor as the beautiful buildings and the white churches unfold as a magnificent picture in white and blue.The captains houses neo-classic style are very impressive; one of them is the Maritime Museum.

Another road leads from Ia`s bus station to Tholos district and up to beach Baxedes.

Further on, a dirt road leads to cape Coloumbo, an unspoiled beach with steep vertical rocks. From the cave into the sea one can see the Volcano. As we move on we come across the churches of Saint George Xehreotis and of Panagia Kalou and on the left lies the wonderful beach of Pori.

We may also visit Finikia, a beautiful village with tavernas, houses, hotels and canaves. Oia today also hosts a cultural center, a central art gallery and many popular Greek art galleries. Many shops sell handy-crafts, souvenir, jewellery and other items to help you remember your visit .If it’s quiet you are looking for on Santorini, Oia is a perfect spot to enjoy a peaceful vacation surrounded by unique natural beauty.

But that’s not to say that the town is dull. There is nightlife with disco bars and all but a lot less noticeable than Fira. You can hear from Jazz to the latest Greek hits. Some of the taverns and restaurants of Santorini can be found in Oia, serving tasty dishes accompanied by the traditional refreshing wines of Santorini, recognised as among Greece’s best.