Pyrgos village

Just 8km from the town of Fira with an imposing castle, Kastelli, built on top of the hill. This quarter was, until 1800,the capital of Santorini.

It is also said that Pirgos was one of Ancient Thira`s colonies. In the middle of the village one can see the ruins of the medieval Venetian castle.

Not only after the pirate era, that people have started building their houses outside and around the wall in a way that the village encircles nowadays the castle.

In Pirgos one can see Theotokos Temple known as Theotokaki, a 10th century’s building the oldest in the area. KASTELLI Near Pyrgos we find one of the five Kastellia(castles) built by the people of the island for protection against the pirates.

The castle`s architecture is impressive with a central entrance and little streets leading to the top where we find the temple of Panagia and Theotokaki with reredos and icons of great artistic value.From Kastelli one enjoys a panoramic view of the island.