Dive station

The Dive Station is located at the Caldera Beach, a small remote beach below the cliffs of Akrotiri vilage overlooking the Volcanoes, nearby the ruins of the ancient city.

This station offers an EASY AND QUICK ACCESS to all volcanic dive spots where the dives can prepare their equipment and board in one of our dive boats very easily in order to start their dive trip. All divers are guided with experienced dive masters and / or instructors.

Our internationally trained and experienced staff will take care of your every need, whether you are a cautious beginner or an experienced diver. With a full complement of dive gear you will never be in need of the right size or equipment to make your dive the most enjoyable you have experience.

DiveCenter offers wall, wreck and cave diving surrounded by the frozen lava to all certified divers, giving the opportunity to admire the volcanic bottom and the variety of marine life.